Current Projects


Teams create valuable learning and growing experiences. Currently we are working with 4 diverse clergy teams:

2 of the teams are self selected and focused on a two year self directed continuing education experience. We will work through opportunities that will stretch their perceptions; then dialogue about personal/ministerial applications.

The other teams have been assigned as part of the conference ordination/education process. Their work involves finding ways to balance denominational requirements, personal/family life, and the demands of their ministry setting.


The heart and soul of Dry Bones Coaching is working individually with Ministers. Currently we are coaching  a number of ministers and professionals who are sorting out priorities, direction, help with tasks, next steps, and/or competencies in their work/life


Dry Bones Coaching is engaged with 2 congregations within the United Methodist Church through the Center for Congregational Excellence. These are long term contracts to help the church implement initiatives to grow and thrive.

Neighborhoods change over time. Change is hard. Navigating change isn’t something that we should be made to do alone. We need encouragement. We need help. We need someone to walk through it with. Dry Bones Coaching is currently partnering with three churches in the Atlanta Emory District to work through exciting changes.